A 2-day Couple's Workshop

Find That Spark Again!

Repair old hurts!

Feel Close and Connected!

Understand your sabbotaging patterns!

Discover Love Once More!

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Hold Me Tight© Tricites is an interactive workshop for couples and is facilitated by Carol Conrad,EdD.  It will be held at the luxurious Hilton Hampton Inn, in Richland, Friday and Saturday, April 21-22, 2017 or October 27-28, 2017! Hold Me Tight© Tricites is based on the award winning book and workshop entitled Hold Me Tight© designed by Dr. Sue Johnson . 

In this workshop we will focus on helping you as a couple learn about the patterns that keep you from connecting with each other, teach you skills to help you move closer to each other, and help support you in repairing hurt and damaged bonds and forgiving one another.  

This workshop is for couples that have struggled for years to be close, and couples who just want to enhance their relationship and deepen their intimacy with each other.  


Hear participant's experiences of other Hold Me Tight Workshops:




    This Hold me Tight© Workshop will help you:


Learn Tools to Repair Your Connection through understanding your "demon dialogues"

Heal and Repair Old Relationship hurts and wounds

Experience ways to communicate your feelings, hurts, and needs for a closer bond 

Deepen your Emotional and Physical Intimacy


             The Workshop Will Include:

  • Video Presentations of Sessions with Couples
  • Presentations and demonstrations of the principles of EFT designed by Sue Johnson
  • Practice Exercises together with your partner to experience greater awareness of each others emotional experience
  • Support from trained EFT therapists during practice excercises
  • A Hold Me Tight© Workbook with information and homework excercises to take with you and practice later

      Questions and Answers:

Q: What if we are already in couples counseling, will this workshop really be helpful?
A: Absolutely!  Hold Me Tight© is VERY helpful to couples already in counseling, whether its EFT couples counseling or not.  The work you will do in a HMT workshop will certainly enhance and move you along in your couples counseling.  Other couples find it helpful and want to go to therapy after attending a Hold Me Tight© workshop. We can help you with a referral. 

Q: Does everyone talk together about their intimate relationships with the group?
A: The program is psycho-educational and no one is required, nor encouraged to share priviate information about themselves. The sharing is encouraged to be real and authentic but appropriate for the setting and not extremely detailed. It's not group therapy. Detailed information may be shared during the couple exercises with your partner. It's not a "Kumbaya" experience, it's meant to help you grow closer with your partner, not with the group!

Q: How are the partner exercises facilitated?
A: When couples talk to each other during the excercises, each conversation creates a little "bubble" with the other conversations appearing as white noise in the background.  This keeps the conversation private, even from those next to each other.  If the couple gets stuck and wants help, they can raise their hand and one of the EFT therapists assisting will come and help the couple move through the exercise. Many have remarked that this is the most helpful part of the entire program.

Q: What if my partner is reluctant to come to the workshop, but I want to go?
A:  If your partner is at least WILLING to come, we will do the rest!  There is often a hesitancy or a fear for one or both partners coming into the workshop.  Most often, once the couple gets there and begins to participate and see others participating, the fears disappate and they will really enjoy and engage in the workshop. 

Q: Will there be a lot of lecture?
A: We try to balance content, practice, examples, humor, and discussion to keep it lively and engaging. No boring lectures! 

Q: Are there couples that are not suited for the Hold Me Tight Workshop?
A: Couples best suited for the workshop are those who are not in significant relationship crisis, or have mood or addictive disorders. If you have any questions regarding suitability for participation by yourself or your partner, please contact Dr. Carol Ann Conrad at 509-531-8937 or email: info@holdmetighttricities.com. 


                   Hold Me Tight© is a registered trademark by Sue Johnson